Join Lokad and support Terab

Lokad is seeking talents to support the Terab initiative. We primarily seek software engineers, but we also seek hardware engineers and further soft skills to engage with the community.

To apply just drop your resume to See also our software engineering page for our take on tech at Lokad. At this point, we are only considering full time onsite positions in Paris, France.

Scalability Engineer

Dealing with terabyte blocks require a non-trivial amount of engineering. While we do not believe there is anything inherently hard in scaling the blockchain, doing it right does require both skills and efforts.

Capable of scaling the blockchain? We need you. Join us.

Reliability Engineer

Scaling the blockchain won’t happen if the community does not have an absolute trust in the reliability, the correctness and the security of a component like Terab. This trust should be earned by proving beyond reasonable doubt that Terab is safe.

Capable of securing the blockchain? We need you. Join us.

Technical Writer

Terab amounts to nothing unless the Bitcoin dev community actually uses it. A fantastic documentation - written for humans - goes a long way in helping fellow developers adopting a piece of technology.

Capable of writing excellent engineering docs? We need you. Join us.