A blockchain centric key-value store

Terab is a key-value store, but a rather specific one. The Terab API comes with a blockchain centric perspective on the UTXO: queries made to the UXTO are performed passing a block as context. However, the semantic isn’t that the query is restricted to a specific block - which would be largely useless; the semantic is that the query is performed against the specific version of the UTXO associated to the chaintip defined by the block.

UTXO appliance for Bitcoin Cash

Terab is an open source software project, but the end-game deliverable is not merely a piece of software but rather a computer appliance that happens to be a build combining an open hardware recipe with some open source software. The distinction is subtle but important. For end consumers, running a piece of software on their machine is mostly a binary thing: either it works or it doesn’t. From a business perspective, the situation is different however - and it just so happens that Bitcoin miners are companies. The whole mining ecosystem already “went professional” half a decade ago.

Launching Terab

Lokad is launching the Terab initiative to support terabyte blocks on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. We intend to release an open source micro-service dedicated to the persistence of the blockchain. Ultimately, we are looking for an architecture that will be scaling up to blocks of 1 terabyte.

Roadmap of Terab

Terab aims to ultimately make terabyte blocks a simple matter of buying enough hardware to cope with the data throughput and the data storage of the blockchain. Our roadmap is merely an attempt at clarifying the intermediate milestones that we anticipate.

Join Lokad and support Terab

Lokad is seeking talents to support the Terab initiative. We primarily seek software engineers, but we also seek hardware engineers and further soft skills to engage with the community.

Overview of Terab

The goal of Terab is to support on-chain scaling of Bitcoin Cash up to blocks of 1 terabyte. Terab is intended as a micro-service dedicated to Bitcoin Cash mining systems. Terab does not seek to be a full Bitcoin implementation, but only a component with well-identified boundaries. Terab is a quasi open source project; merely restricting its usage to Bitcoin Cash.